About Us

About Us

Wazaap was conceived in early 2011 by Ashish SahuHeaven Kim and Nirmal Rajarathnam out of frustration with how difficult it was to find fun things in San Francisco….even though there were so many things going on! After a lot of R&D, we came up with Wazaap Inc., a web & iphone app that offers you a new way to discover fun activities and activity buddies.

Wazaap is a quantified lifestyle app that uses data science techniques like collaborative filtering, graph & natural language processing to connect you to leisure events and event partners.

In addition to our small team, we have a great list of advisers. Jerry Engel (Director for Entrepreunership & Adjunct Professor, Haas School of Business) mentors us on business strategy.  Adam Royalty ( Lead Research Investigator, Stanford D.School) helps to shape our thinking by his human-centered design approach. Navi Singh helps us with our iPhone mobile development.

We are officially in our generally available and are inviting people to join our Super-Zaaper Team for San Francisco. As a Super-Zaaper, you will will get  contributor access to the site so you get more time to enjoy all things the city has to offer instead of spending hours on sites trying to find them – from cooking classes to literary death matches to pillow fights…..all personalized for your enjoyment!

Even if you don’t get the early access pass, please visit our site to play the Zaap Game or find out the top event picks for the week while we polish the site for the launch! If you want to give us feedback or share your ideas to support our fledgling startup, please drop us a line at hello@getwazaap.com.

Zaapin iPhone App Support

Please email us at support@getwazaap.com if you run into any problems or just want to talk to us.

Work With Us!

We’re based in San Francisco and are looking for Data Scientists, , Designers, iPhone App developers and WordPress developers to work with us! We are religious followers of Eric Ries’ Lean Startup, Steve Blank’s Customer Development & Jason Fried’s Rework philosophies and hope you enjoy their approach too. Please email us at jobs@getwazaap.com if this sounds interesting to you!

Event Promoters

If you are an Event Promoter or Local Performer who is interested in featuring your events on Wazaap, please contact us at listing@getwazaap.com.